Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare


In a kingdom by the sea…

THIS BOOK! I have to be honest, I’m a little late to The Mortal Instruments and Cassandra Clare game. I began reading them in December last year and I read all of TMI and The Infernal Devices within the month. Yes, that is nine books in one month. I devoured them. There was finally a world that I could see myself in and I wanted to live and breathe everything about the shadow world.

Now that I’m on the bandwagon, I keep myself updated on all things dealing with Clare. So you could about imagine my excitement when I learned about The Dark Artifices. I had been counting down the days until March 8th and now that I have finally read the book, I am a happy girl.

This book is intense. It is set around Julian Blackthorn and his family, along with his parabatai, Emma Carstairs. The lush scenery of California is a gorgeous backdrop to Emma and Jules’ world. We meet so many new character that I enjoyed getting to know and we are reunited with a few old faces. Everything we love about the Shadow World was there. I applaud Clare on creating yet another atmosphere to add to the ever-growing world.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of intense action. There is love for your family, forbidden love, first loves, great fight scenes, and humor. There are twists that keep you reading until the last page. I would recommend you read the Mortal Instruments before picking up Lady Midnight, but if you can’t, I don’t think you would be too lost. Clare refreshes the reader and helps ease you back into the Shadow World.

I give this book a 5/5. So incredible. There was not one thing that I was disappointed about. Nothing about this book made me bored. There were so many twists. It is a perfect Shadowhunters novel. Demons, fighting, forbidden love, and overall badassness. I loved every second of it. Now the waiting game for book two begins…

For more from Cassandra Clare, you can check out her website here. You can also purchase Lady Midnight at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

The spoiler section of this review is below. If you have not yet read Lady Midnight, please skip it and come back once you’ve read it.

Let’s talk about Mark Blackthorn for a second. I loved this boy since City of Heavenly Fire and I won’t lie, I was damn excited to have him back at the Institute. The first time we see Mark again, the Faerie convoy of the Wild Hunt brings him back to the Blackthorn’s. The whole business of “you help us solve these murders and you can have your bother back only to have him decided if he wants to stay with you or not” was really sad. Mark was so young when the Wild Hunt took him. He remembers more of the hunt than his family. And when he sees Julian again, he calls him “father” (ouch, my heart just broke). But I love Mark. I just loved when he asked for a plate of strawberries at the diner. Hilarious. I love his progression throughout the entire book.  He doesn’t want to be there at first and then ends up staying. Being a Shadowhunter is dominate in his blood. He belongs with his family. But then there is Kieran. He and Mark’s love story was sweet and I loved it. I shipped it up until the tragic whipping scene. Kieran redeemed himself when he decided to help them with Malcolm but it didn’t quite satisfy me. I feel betrayed just as Mark does. Sorry.

The Blackthorn children are beautiful souls. Ty, Livvy, Dru, and Tavvy give this book so much love and that family aspect. Julian and his sibling’s relationship is why I love Jules. He often says that he couldn’t be the big brother because he was so busy raising them. For a young boy, Julian took care of those children and practically ran the Institute. If it wouldn’t have been for him, they would not be the people they are now. I have so much respect for Julian.

Emma Carstairs. My darling, Emma. I love this girl to death! She may be one of my favorite character out of all the Shadowhunters novels. She’s strong, sassy, independent, and can kick some serious ass. She loves so fiercely that I can almost feel her emotions bleed off the pages. I love the relationship she has with Cristina. Love it. Emma’s relationship with Julian is raw and beautiful. I don’t care about what Jem said about parabatai’s and falling in love. Just love each other. Please.

The overall plot and adventure was amazing. The murders were intriguing, especially since the murder of Emma’s parents in CoHF. I loved how it almost turned into an episode of Sherlock. We only had three weeks to solve the case without the Clave getting suspicious. They were breaking so many laws of the Clave and also the Cold Peace. The Followers were creepy. Especially the lottery. And I really believed, along with Emma and gang, that the man picked was the one being killed. My surprise when it was him who had to do the killing…

Also, Malcolm. What the hell. I trusted you. I liked you. I thought the feeling was mutual…guess not.

I LOVED seeing Clary, Jace, Magnus, Jem, and Tessa. I missed them so much and it was wonderful to have them back. It made me smile every time Emma would mention Clary. I’m so happy that they stayed friends. Jace was super attractive, as usual. My darlings, Jem and Tessa, were brilliant. When they showed up at Johnny Rook’s house to help Emma protect Kit, I nearly died.

So Kit is a Herondale. I would have NEVER thought. I still haven’t read Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy so I was really surprised. Now that his dad is dead and he is staying at the Institute, I’m curious as to what we will see of him next book. Exciting stuff.

That ending had me in tears. Emma telling Julian she doesn’t want to be with him (crying). Mark’s line of “Why lie?” (crying). Annabel waking up (crying). There is so much left to go with these characters. So much. I’m ready for the crazy ride that Cassandra will bring us on.

Hope you enjoyed my review. Let me know in the comments if you felt the same about anything. I would love to hear from all of you.


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