Book Review: Light of Dawn by Angela Colsin

Title: Light of Dawn (The Crucible Series Book 2)

Author: Angela Colsin

Rating: 4/5



Hired to find a curse box, the draconian mercenary, Ulric Dra’Kai, is directed to seek out the human Charlotte Mulligan who’ll lead him to his ultimate goal. Expecting to get information from her with ease, Ulric instead meets a determined mortal who refuses to be intimidated—and draws him in like no other.

As that attraction grows, he comes to believe Charlotte may be his destined mate, but there’s a problem—he’s immortal, making that impossible. Answers could possibly lie in the dormant supernatural side of Charlotte’s lineage, but getting them proves difficult when vampires are out for her blood.

Charlotte thought she was an ordinary human living an average life until receiving an odd package in the mail containing a unique trinket box. Soon after, she’s attacked by vampires and swept up in a hunt by a dangerous but attractive stranger who not only reveals the truth of the supernatural world, but also informs her that she’s a part of it.

Trying to survive while her life is coming apart, a passion for the draconian protecting her sparks to life, one she has to guard her heart against when being mortal makes a union between them difficult, if not impossible.

Let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I have been reading many paranormal romances recently and this one made it to the top of my favorites list. It has a bit of everything you want: action packed scenes, humor, a beautifully written love story, and amazing characters.

The story follows Charlotte and Ulric, who by strange circumstances, have become intertwined with each other. Ulric is a Draconian. He’s basically an immortal man who has the blood line of the Great Dragon. He’s super badass with a sad history. He fights vampires and babysits baby wyverns. Charlotte is a normal woman who gets a mysterious box in the mail. It’s this box that leads Ulric to her. Their first meeting is great. He practically breaks into her house and demands the box while killing vampires along the way.

Their relationship is a slow burn and realistic. We learn that Charlotte is actually a mortal born Fae. And that the vampires are after her because her blood will help them for important reasons. Ulric becomes the man to make sure that she stays safe. It’s also his job to bring the box and receive payment for it.

Their little road trip to Florida was nice. I liked seeing their relationship bloom and them grow as friends into something more.

Ulric and Charlotte are meant for each other and he realizes this early on. There were a few moments when she is hesitant towards him and I wanted to shake her and tell her to love him back!! She’s had a complicated love life and I understand she is afraid but come on girl!!

The final few chapters had me on edge. The fight with the vampire Lillian was epic. That entire scene was like an action movie on a page. It was awesome. And it brought us to the happy ending that I was hoping for these two characters.

This book was a fun, exciting read. A little bit sexy and a little bit thrilling. I will be sure to check out the rest of Angela Colsin’s books in this series. I like that they are all stand alones but can be combined as a series. Her writing style is fantastic and the ideas are great. If you like paranormal romances, I would 100% recommend this book.

If you would like more information on Angela Colsin, you can find her website here. And if you want to read Light of Dawn, you can buy it here at Amazon.

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